Real estate, leasing, administration and management

SIA “BAIBIŅA” leases premises in its industrial production building, which is located in the territory of Rezekne Special Economic Zone, in a very convenient place – adjacent to the city’s main street and 900 m from the highway Riga – Moscow and Daugavpils – St. Petersburg crossing. SIA ‘BAIBIŅA’ real estate consists of a plot of land of 2.6 ha, a production building (its total area of ​​1,2593 sqm), in which there are three administrative and economic blocks on two floors with an approximate area of ​​800 sq.m each (there can be arranged offices, wardrobes, and sanitary facilities, etc.). The building (size 156 m * 72 m) is constructed of reinforced concrete structures with a bearing column of 12 m * 24 m; the average height of the ceiling is 10.5 m, the height to the beams – 7.2 m.

SIA “BAIBIŅA” carries out the maintenance and management of the leased premises, as well as associated offices and commercial buildings, and ensures the management of the territories adjacent to it.

Organization of real estate management and administration:

    • The provision of full utilities are provided to the lessee of the premises;
    • Real estate, building communications are regularly monitored and maintained, damage prevention is organized in a timely manner;
    • maintenance, cleaning, improvement and repair of real estate and adjoining territories are carried out.

There are different types of premises available for your business!