We offer high-quality restaurant grade charcoal, which is manufactured here in Latvia according to the latest carbonisation technologies. Using alder logs as a unique raw material for charcoal production, our charcoal manufactured from this special raw material is ideal for barbecue on professional barbecue equipment. It brings all the best alder qualities like high heat output and lasting burning time, which is especially popular among grilling specialists in France and other European countries. We offer charcoal in our original 4 kg Kraft paper bags, or it can be pre-packed in your chosen package.

Facts about charcoal production

  • Our company uses the latest technology and innovations developed in the Netherlands in charcoal production field, which allows us to fully control the pyrolysis process in our retorts, adjusting the required temperatures to achieve the best possible result.
  • We carefully select and prepare the raw materials that are used in the technological process. Before production, fresh wood is stored under optimal conditions for 5-6 months for natural drying, additionally production technology has heating / drying mode to fully prepare raw material for carbonisation.
  • Most of the gases produced during the carbonisation are burned to generate heat, which is then used for drying, thus reducing potential emissions to a minimum, creating a near-environmentally friendly product.
  • We pack by hand. This way, controlling every piece of charcoal that goes into Kraft’s paper bags.